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How To Choose A Sweetheart
How To Choose A Sweetheart Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $13.00
Artist: Peter & The Penguins
WOW!!!!! Fans of Merseybeat, The Beatles, The Fore, The Offbeat, and Tony Cox alert! Very, very cool new heavily Mersey-inspired release from this band from Norway! Don't believe us? Well then we'll leave it to our friend Alan Haber (a guy who knows a thing or thousand about great pop) to hip you to them! "They usher in the new beat(le-esque) era, and are the latest, fab stewards of the good ship Beatle-esque to steer the ears of melodic pop fans and denizens of the beat music era to a rousing chorus of yeah, yeah, yeahs. A round of hearty handclaps, then, for these boys from Norway. Prepare to get Penguin-ized! 'There's No Living Here Without You' takes its cues from a decidedly McCartney-ized reservoir of melodic structure, a la Macca's 'My Brave Face' (the infectious bass line is pure, Paul). Not only is the basic structure of the infectious, mid-tempo popper 'If You Wanna Leave Me for Somebody New' basically Beatle-esque (dig the instrumental section piano line for a warm nod back to early Fabs), the song is a veritable 60's nod (don't miss the delectable Mamas and Papas moment in the middle-eight). For more 60's pleasure, the marvelous 'Barefoot' wears its Beach Boys worship on its intensely-melodic sleeve, no more so than during its gorgeous, opening a cappella section. A decidedly Beatle-esque, early era-style bopper. A hook-heavy chorus and a thumping bass, not to mention Harrison-esque DNA dripping from the lead guitar lines, fuel the upbeat 'She Took Me By Surprise.' The mid-tempo toe-tapper 'Sweetheart' sports a particularly catchy chorus with great harmonies. Mixed in with the group's ace originals is a nifty cover that showcase the boys' ability to bring contemporary life to the rich history of 60's musical versatility. They remold Lavern Baker's stalwart 'Bumble Bee' as a rocking Shadows workout played with a cowboy's sensibility. And check out the supremely infectious, vote-for-Ringo manifesto 'There Goes Pete Best,'! There's no doubt about it: Peter and the Penguins is the Beatle-esque 'it' band of the moment. If Beatle-esque and beat pop are your game, then you're in for a great time, and you can't beat that!" - Alan Haber Showing great taste, there's also a great cover of The Spongetones' "Here I Go Again"! Need we say more? GREAT!!!!

No Love Lost
Price: $15.00
Artist: Andy Kentler
Description: Kudos to Steve at Absolutepowerpop for hipping us to this Aussie roots rocker! The former guitarist for Aussie rockers Glide (and previously bassist for The Gammarays), "No Love Lost" is Andy's sophomore release - ten years after his debut! "The biggest influences I hear are Tom Petty, Lou Reed and Bruce Springsteen. 'Get ... read more »

Bright Again
Price: $7.00
Artist: Andy Klingensmith
Description: WOW (AGAIN)!! EXCLUSIVE!!! ON-DEMAND CDR PRESSING OF A PREVIOUSLY DOWNLOAD-ONLY RELEASE!! "Pictures Of" was a tough act to follow, but damned if Andy didn't take the ball an run with it on this, his equally brilliant followup! "If 'Pictures Of' found him in fine, mid-period Simon and Garfunkel mettle, then the new 'Bright ... read more »

Pictures Of
Price: $13.00
Artist: Andy Klingensmith
Description: WOW!!!! EXCLUSIVE ON-DEMAND CDR PRESSING OF A PREVIOUSLY DOWNLOAD-ONLY RELEASE!! An absolutely brilliant and stunning debut from the son of Futureman Records' head honcho! Kudos to Keith Klingensmith for both influencing and raising such a fine songwriter! "Here he takes a lighter approach towards ambient chamber pop, w ... read more »

Price: $13.00
Artist: Ballard
Description: Darren Riley (Ballard) is a rather prolific bloke. Darren writes the songs, sings same, plays all the instruments, produces, and records in what he describes as "your usual one-man bedroom pop group with an ego problem." We're not sure if those last two words mean "big" or "little" because in our back and forthing so far ... read more »

Beat Street
Price: $13.00
Artist: Button Up
Description: The latest album by this brilliant Glasgow-based Mod revival band was recorded earlier this year in Glasgow. Despite its recent vintage, it still manages to harken back to the great Stax-Volt recordings of the 60's. Hammond organ and horns are prominently featured on the album, giving it a retro feel while sounding modern a ... read more »

Decayed: Ten Years Of Harmony and Song
Price: $13.00
Artist: Chris Richards & The Subtractions
Description: EXCLUSIVE!! ON-DEMAND CDR PRESSING OF A PREVIOUSLY DOWNLOAD-ONLY RELEASE!! "Decayed" features tracks recorded over a 10 year span (2004-2014) from "{Mystery Spot", "Sad Sounds of the Summer", "Get Yer La La's Out" and features two brand new recordings - "Call Me Out" and "In A Sense". Makes for a great ready-made mix tap ... read more »

Song Machine
Price: $8.00
Artist: Cliff Hillis
Description: WOW!!! Cliff's brilliant new seven-song EP was inspired by a weekly songwriting group to which he belongs. "Each of the songs is intricately drawn, and Hillis has a keen ability to add touches of drama, detail and personal observation to his compositions. Clever phrasing abounds here, but he is also able to take a step ba ... read more »

Price: $16.00
Artist: Coke Belda
Description: Being part of the duo Cokeroque, a multi-band-tribute (Jellyfish, The Rembrandts, The Posies, Toy Love, Squeeze, Roxy Music and many others), this is the first solo album by Coke Belda - and all of the aforementioned influences (along with elements of 10CC and Pal McCartney) are clearly on display here! "A guy with the mos ... read more »

Cardboard Vegas Roundabout
Price: $15.00
Artist: Dave Caruso
Description: Dave Caruso describes his music as "Alt-pop, power pop, jangle pop, sunshine pop and smart, melodic rock, a la Elvis Costello, Andrew Gold, Eric Carmen, Matthew Sweet, Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys". Whew - did you miss anything, Dave? A 2CD set, "Cardboard Vegas Roundabout" is his latest tour de ... read more »

Sessions: Essential Songs Of Philadelphia
Price: $12.00
Artist: David Uosikkinen's In The Pocket
Description: Known as the drummer for one of Philadelphia’s most famous rock band exports, The Hooters; David Uosikkinen has assembled an all-star cast of Philadelphia-based musicians to form his project, In The Pocket. On "Sessions: Essential Songs of Philadelphia", Uosikkinen and In The Pocket celebrate Philadelphia’s rich musical he ... read more »

Price: $12.00
Artist: David Uosikkinen's In The Pocket
Description: The "first" In The Pocket tribute to the music of Philadelphia album was recorded live at The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA. Helping out here a a lot of the same folks who appear on their "Sessions" release - Graham Alexander, Eric Bazillian, Fran Smith, Jr, and Rob Hyman of The Hooters, Cliff Hillis, Tommy Conwell, ... read more »

Price: $15.00
Artist: Edward Rogers
Description: VINYL PRESSING!! On his fifth outing, Edward Rogers delivers what resulted in a tribute to the late, GREAT, Kevin Ayers (who passed away during the recording sessions for the record)! He even covers Kevin's "After The Show" here. Aided and abetted with a laundry list of luminaries (James Mastro, Dennis Diken, Don Piper, ... read more »

Price: $24.00
Artist: Electric Prunes
Description: WOW!! Brand new studio album (and quite possibly the last since the unexpected death of Mark Tulin) from these 60's psych-rockers!! Includes an acid-drenched version of "Smokestack Lightning"! "The new album is great....right up there with 'Underground' .You guys still have a great sound." - Mike Adams/Wax Museum "MAN!! ... read more »

The Mockingbird
Price: $15.00
Artist: Freddy Steady Krc
Description: Freddie's second (but first US released) solo outing, "The Mockingbird" finds him making good use of his broad musical palette. This lover of rock, country, folk, psych, r&b, blues, jazz, zydeco, Tex-Mex and power pop has embraced most of these musical styles for this special collection of songs. All the songs seem to da ... read more »

You are Here
Price: $10.00
Artist: Garfield's Birthday
Description: Garfields Birthday have been plowing the furrow of power-pop since the mid-90s, garnering flattering reviews and radio play all over the world. Reading between the lines, as with any biog that hints at "critical success", this basically means that very few people have actually heard of the band and their record sales rarel ... read more »

The Reckless Kind
Price: $13.00
Artist: Ian Olvera & The Sleepwalkers
Description: In 2010, after years of line up and name changes, the dust finally settled on the newest and most stable line up of Ian Olvera & The Sleepwalkers. The group regularly features Nikolas Davidson on drum kit, Connor Lamue on bass guitar and vocals, and Ian Olvera on guitars and vocals. The record took almost a year to write a ... read more »

Close Circle
Price: $12.00
Artist: Jeff Larson
Description: No stranger to pure pop aficionados over the years, Jeff Larson has been a model of consistency. His latest (and, according to him, his last solo outing for the foreseeable future) features guest appearances from Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell of America, Jeff Pevar (CPR, Crosby-Nash and CSN), Jim McCarty (The Yardbirds), ... read more »

Joey Sykes
Price: $12.00
Artist: Joey Sykes
Description: WOW!!! We absolutely loved his New English project release from 2008, gushing about it then as "one that has tons of shades of Adam Schmitt, Three Hour Tour, Rooney, Badfinger, The Who, Matthew Sweet, and 'fill-in-the-blank here' power pop influences written all over it!" Like its predecessor, the self-titled solo debut a ... read more »

The Overload
Price: $13.00
Artist: King Washington
Description: Saturated in complex harmonies and intelligent chord progressions alike, the music of King Washington is a throwback to when rock n' roll was a songwriter's game, consistently being praised for, "bringing a return to true songwriting" (Rapt Magazine). Combining the vocal styles and songwriting ethos of classic writers of yo ... read more »

The Gears + bonus disc
Price: $14.00
Artist: King Washington
Description: BACK IN PRINT!!! WOW!! Allow us to introduce you to the newest member of contemporary pop's royalty - King Washington! The band is out of Los Angeles, and the sound on this, their 2012 debut full-length, is nothing short of hypnotic. "The easy way out is to say they were bitten by their parents Beatles records, but they a ... read more »

Brand New B Sides
Price: $11.00
Artist: Kurt Baker
Description: YES!!! While we await a brand new Kurt Baker full-length, will just have to live with this brand new release from one of our absolute current faves! Producer (and top popper in his own right) explains "When Kurt and I set out to make his debut album 3 years ago we had a creative combustion that resulted in about 20 origin ... read more »

STOP plus SINGLES 1978-1986
Price: $15.00
Artist: Little Murders
Description: BACK IN PRINT!! Formed in 1979, Rob Griffiths named his band after a 1971 film directed by Alan Arkin and starring Elliot Gould. As an English expatriate, he embraced 60's English pop culture (The Who, The Troggs, The Kinks, with Union Jacks draped over amplifiers) and accordingly they became the premier mod band on the l ... read more »

Price: $15.00
Artist: Loose Pills
Description: With a band lineage like The Eastern Dark, the New Christs, Orange Humble Band, Happy Hate Me Nots, Lemonheads, Pyramidiacs, and The Scruffs among others, you’d have high expectations and “Rx”, the debut album for Sydney supergroup Loose Pills, matches the label on the bottle. "The doctor says this is a dozen pop-rock song ... read more »

Transmission From Sogmore's Garden
Price: $19.00
Artist: Magic Bus
Description: PROG POP ALERT!!!! Magic Bus are back for another bout of their very own brand of tripped out psychedelic prog rock with the release of their sophomore album. After the seven wars of Dodradidum left the Earth ravaged, Magic bus have found a home in Sogmore's Garden. Listen...a flower is growing in the desert!..... "They ... read more »

Plush Up
Price: $13.00
Artist: Marble Party
Description: WOW!! We tip our hat once again to Steve @ Absolutepowerpop for making sure this ace pop group fly below our radar! "A genre-bending collection that blends classic and modern rock with power pop and a nostalgic dose of psychedelia. The title track sets the early tone — lighthearted vocals bouncing over old school pop-roc ... read more »

Price: $10.00
Artist: Marble Party
Description: YES!! Their 2011 debut provided multiple hints of their pop prowess that resulted in the stellar "Plush Up"! "There are plenty of barstool philosophers (and I know most of them) who have wondered aloud what is to become of the Left Coast music scene in the post-jam band world. Well my friends, look no further than Marble ... read more »

Blue Skies Opening
Price: $17.00
Artist: Mark & The Clouds
Description: Mark and The Clouds is a London based band playing a blend of timeless, catchy and powerful pop. Evolving from Instant Flight, they are fronted by vocalist and songwriter Marco Magnani. When Instant Flight ran out of runway, Marco formed a new band. Gathering many of his past and present musician friends, he's recorded a b ... read more »

Blown Away
Price: $9.00
Artist: Michael Lee
Description: On Michael's latest release, he successfully combines first rate songwriting with first rate guitar mastery! "Combines the musical influences of both American and British artists from the 80's and 90's to make what I can only describe as an incredibly empowering and reminiscent refreshing record. And with all this going o ... read more »

Face Forward
Price: $12.00
Artist: Michael Lee
Description: This is Michael's 2009 debut. "A sonically pleasing album with more instrumental meat than your typical pop fare. He draws on the British tradition of high melody, ranging from folk-based rock & roll to progressive compositions with a few ballads thrown in for good measure. His guitar work would seem to gather inspiratio ... read more »

Reverberating Garden Number 7
Price: $17.00
Artist: Octopus Syng
Description: During his teenage years Jaire Pätäri spent many a long night dreaming of a time when he could lead Finland's hippest rock band. His dream came true when he stuck a post-it-note in the window of his local Euromarket advertising for like minded lost souls to form a band. Remarkably he found three similarly minded musicians a ... read more »

Feel The Noise
Price: $14.00
Artist: Paul Collins
Description: The self-proclaimed "King Of Power Pop" is back with his first new solo album in 4 years! The record was produced by studio legend Jim Diamond (who also plays bass and guitar on the record, along with special guests Dave Shettler (SSM) on drums, Eddie Baranek (The Sights) on lead guitar, and Nikki Corvette, Paul's a guy w ... read more »

Sea Of White
Price: $7.00
Artist: Peter Buzzelle
Description: Peter's latest (and perhaps greatest) effort was produced by Craig Small (he of Airport's "Go Up" fame). "He's a classic power popper who released a pair of fine discs in 2010 and 2012 but were overlooked on this site. I can't ignore him any longer, though, thanks to this outstanding new EP that's the first power pop disc ... read more »

Museum Of
Price: $10.00
Artist: Peter Buzzelle
Description: Peter's 2012 sophomore release only took two years to make. He recorded the record at End Of The World Studios in Los Angeles with former Bostonian and Helicopter Helicopter/Hello Dragon frontman Chris Zerby and at home. "This is full of astute and catchy as hell power pop, and at times it reminds us of the finest moments ... read more »

To Telescope
Price: $10.00
Artist: Peter Buzzelle
Description: Twelve years in the making, Peter Buzzelle released his debut album in 2010. His music has been described as "Impassioned indie rock in the classic style of Morrissey and Elliott Smith". "A deeply personal endeavor with origins in his life, the album’s opener, 'The Devil Took Our Souls,' greets listeners with the lines: ' ... read more »

Honey And Tears
Price: $12.00
Artist: Richie Parsons
Description: Quincy, MA's Richie Parsons has been writing and performing music since 1977 with Unnatural Axe, Future Dads, Band 19, Tomato Monkey and The Chord Rockers. But, he's new to us! This, his solo debut, was produced by Ken Stringfellow (Posies)! "At times Richie reminds me of the best heartfelt moments of Paul Westerberg, t ... read more »

Ryan Adams
Price: $14.00
Artist: Ryan Adams
Description: Following up his 2011 album "Ashes & Fire", which was the best reviewed (Rolling Stone hailed it as ''perfect'') and highest charting of his career, Ryan Adams' returns with his self-titled Blue Note debut. Recorded at his PaxAm studios and self-produced, the album represents another leap forward in his development as both ... read more »

Shindig! Magazine - Issue #42 + CD
Price: $13.00
Artist: Shindig! Magazine
Description: COMING SOON - ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW!! The latest issue is a LOS ANGELES SPECIAL! Features include FRANK ZAPPA & THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION: The early years: 1966-69. THE TURTLES: The dark side of the ultimate feel good band. DAVID CROSBY: 20 Questions for the king of Californian harmony vocalists. JONATHAN WILSON: The ... read more »

Price: $15.00
Artist: Sloan
Description: Sloan’s decades-long journey from moody Halifax art-school-shoegaze label purgatory to cool, paternal pop-rock has been characterized by their affability and genial demeanor, qualities that have overshadowed their considerable ambition. Over the years, they’ve slapped together double albums, concept albums, and multi-song ... read more »

Very Donna
Price: $12.00
Artist: STaLL
Description: LIMITED STOCK!!! The term “pop-punk” has been really batted around, but describes STaLL perfectly! Pop-punk is not dead. Instead, it has become a vice for modern groups to specialize in. Influenced by the Replacements, R.E.M., Guided by Voices, and Green Day, the band has been compared to the Goo Goo Dolls, Semisonic and ... read more »

100 years of caring
Price: $12.00
Artist: STaLL
Description: LIMITED STOCK!! The 1998 debut from these lads from Milwaukese, WI! "Enjoyable 3 piece guitar-driven alt-pop. Simple melodies, great harmonies. Great feel good music overall." - A Music Boy "Their bright, melody-driven sound melds strong rhythms and raucous guitars. Shared influences like The Replacements, Tommy Keene a ... read more »

Something For Everybody
Price: $12.00
Artist: Stereo Rookie
Description: LIMITED STOCK!! 2004 debut from this Dallas based trio. Brothers Daran (keys, guitar) and David (vocals, bass) DeShazo along with Aaron Kelley (guitar, violin) wrote and produced the record at Kelley's studio between 2003 and 2004 with the sole intent of putting out a record that reflected what they value in music: strong ... read more »

Survival As A Kind Of Triumph
Price: $13.00
Artist: The Ash & The Oak
Description: The third release from The Ash and The Oak, the name under which songwriter Simon Leighfield releases his music. Starting as a guitar/drums/melodica three piece, the singer continues to collaborate with other musicians to help get out the tangle of sound in his head. Simon pulls strange and beautiful sounds from a trestle ... read more »

I'll Have Some Of That!
Price: $13.00
Artist: The Babys
Description: They're baaack!! The Babys are most famous as being the springboard for vocalist John Waite’s solo career as well as giving Jonathan Cain up to the band Journey just in time for him to write and record “Open Arms,” a song that could have been sung by Waite and not Steve Perry, and possibly creating a hit for the Babys and ... read more »

No Matter b/w She's Gone
Price: $7.00
Artist: The Belltowers
Description: LIMITED EDITION 7" VINYL PRESSING (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CARD INCLUDED) ON CLEAR VINYL!! WOW!! While we continue to (try to) patiently wait for their yet to be released "Day Breakaway" long player, we'll have to be satisfied with two brand new slabs of jangle, 60's garage pop (FYI, neither of these tracks will be appearing on ... read more »

Rock 'n' Roller Skates
Price: $16.00
Artist: The Breakdowns
Description: In their hearts, The Breakdowns are really a glam rock band! They deliver an intense punch of pioneering power-pop sound that's just fabulous to listen to. These guys certainly deserve to be mentioned among any records that are all the rage with the new 'garage/rock'n'roll' crowd. The songs are great, resulting in a raw ex ... read more »

Wake Up To Music!
Price: $12.00
Artist: The Click Beetles
Description: The latest from Dan Pavelich (The Bradburys) is essentially a solo/one-man effort! "Anything bearing Dan’s name always spells quality, and his latest effort meets and exceeds all expectations. The Click Beetles are actually a solo project, save for assorted handclaps from Dan’s wife Ellen and daughter Mari. A common thre ... read more »

Don't Talk To My Baby b/w First Time
Price: $6.00
Artist: The Connection
Description: 7" VINYL-ONLY RELEASE! Two brand new tracks (neither of which will be on the band's next full-length) from one of the best garage bands going! Channeling equal parts early Beatles, Paul Collins Beat, and down and dirty 60’s garage rock meeting the swagger of The Rolling Stones, The Connection grabs hold of you at first ho ... read more »

House On Fire
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Electric Mess
Description: On their third album, The Electric Mess continue to display an immense amount of power and combine a lot of different influences like 60's Garage, dirty Punk Rock, Pop, Psych and the 80's Garage Revival-sound perfectly, adding the strong, punky vocals of tough frontwoman Esther Crow. All of these elements combine to create ... read more »

The Flight Reaction
Price: $16.00
Artist: The Flight Reaction
Description: WOW!!! VINYL-ONLY LP RELEASE (comes with digital download code). At last, the long-awaited debut album from the Flight Reaction has arrived! This Swedish group, featuring ex-members of the Crimson Shadows and the Giljoteens, expands on their signature sound of 60's-style garage psychedelia that they have displayed over th ... read more »

Old Man Reverb
Price: $13.00
Artist: The Jigsaw Seen
Description: The Jigsaw Seen can always be counted on for making a tasty pop album. Even with such a note-perfect repertoire of releases in their back catalog, no one was expecting this much solid pop goodness on their latest album. Reverb will never get old and to prove the point, The Jigsaw Seen cranks their amps to nine and delivers ... read more »

Price: $14.00
Artist: The Moons
Description: The Moons' third longplayer is a "cracker" for sure! With such an eclectic mixture of sounds the band are difficult to pigeonhole, with 60s psychedelic elements, ’70s glam rock and a heavier, more traditional rock sound all appearing at various stages throughout their career, "Mindwaves" is no different. "Psychedelic rock ... read more »

Showdown: 1981-1993
Price: $13.00
Artist: The Nomads
Description: Brand new reissue of a terrific 2CD collection from the legendary Swedish garage punk band. This 42-song set features material recorded by from 1981 through 1993. The first CD features the best tracks from the band’s albums and singles, while the second CD consists primarily of rarities, outtakes, and live performances. Mos ... read more »

Failure (Expanded Edition)
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Posies
Description: The Posies’ 1988 debut is back and bigger than ever! Little did Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow know that when they dropped off their cassette to Scott McCaughey (R.E.M., The Minus 5), the clerk at their favorite record store (who happened to do A&R for the indie label PopLlama), that a power-pop dynasty would begin. Origin ... read more »

As Seen On TV
Price: $8.00
Artist: The Pulltops
Description: Their 2004 release is an excellent follow-up to their debut, They still manage to keep their 60's and 70's influence while sounding fresh and new. This album, however, has more of a focus on the 70's side of rock. The songs are slightly darker than the polished pop of their first release. This album sounds more mature and m ... read more »

Price: $5.00
Artist: The Pulltops
Description: The Pulltops were formed in December of 2001 from the ashes of Milwaukee band Udi Subudi. Drawing from our influences, they take blues, rock, country, soul, and psychedelic pop and mix it into a sound all our own. This, their 2002 debut effort, is an attempt at taking the sounds of the 60's and the 70's and mixing them with ... read more »

Hide And Seek EP
Price: $8.00
Artist: The Rosalyns
Description: 7" VINYL SINGLE - Limited edition - only 500 copies pressed. The Rosalyns (Birdy Bardot, Amy Gore, Lety Beers, Anja Stax, and Diana Death) are an all-star girl garage group featuring members of the Loons, the Schitzophonics, the Gore Gore Girls, the New Kinetics and Chinese Rocks. They brought the house down at their live ... read more »

The Sidewalk Scene
Price: $6.00
Artist: The Sidewalk Scene
Description: JANGLE ALERT!!! WOW!! The Sidewalk Scene is kind of a San Diego garage "dream" group that's comprised of Ray Brandes (Tell Tale Hearts, Town Cryers), Eric Bacher (Tell Tale Hearts), Joe Piper (The Crawdaddys), Mark Zadarnowski (The Crawdaddys, the Shambles), and Paul Carsola. Their music combines the jangling guitars and ... read more »

Lost My Mind In Stereo
Price: $13.00
Artist: The Sleepwalkers
Description: Wisconsin's The Sleepwalkers have been quietly banging around in the attic for the better part of five years. Writing, rewriting, absorbing, touring and, every now and then, releasing a record. From this, comes the second full-length album from The Sleepwalkers (formerly Ian Olvera & The Sleepwalkers). Building on the fr ... read more »

The Spectacular Fantastic Goes Underground
Price: $11.00
Artist: The Spectacular Fantastic
Description: Mike Detmer is the creative force behind The Spectacular Fantastic's sound. Beginning as a one-man recording project and eventually transforming into a four piece rock and roll experience, they quickly became one of the most recognizable names in the Midwest original music community. This is their 2005 debut. "Cool unde ... read more »

Time For Change + bonus disc
Price: $14.00
Artist: The Theme
Description: EXCLUSIVE CDR RELEASE!! MOD/BRITPOP ALERT!!! Hailing from South East London, The Theme formed in 2011. This, the band's first album from 2013, shows theirdiverse range of influences from mod, ska, punk, rock and blues. "They have landed, suited and booted and ready for world domination. The echoes within the grooves here ... read more »

Hits The Sky EP
Price: $0.00
Artist: The Theme
Description: EXCLUSIVE CDR RELEASE!! Five tracks of blistering modernist power chords and soulful overtones, each tracks is different; the almost Buzzcocks entry to the title track shows what the band are about. Riffs and some great vocals – a mixture of the throaty Gallaghers with some added soul. A real find. This is further backed ... read more »

Rainbow Chaser - Complete Recordings (1966-1968)
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Troyes
Description: FARFISA + FUZZ ALERT!! The Troyes exploded onto the music scene with "Rainbow Chaser" a regional smash hit that climbed to number 3 on the top 40 in September of 1966. Sensing a new phenomenon, famed bandleader Ray Anthony (who already had smash hits with songs like "Dragnet" and "Peter Gunn") signed the group to his new ... read more »

Brand New Day
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Ugly Beats
Description: It’s a brand new day with a brand new record from the Ugly Beats! Following up on the success of "MOTOR!", this Texas garage band has committed 12 new songs to wax, including instant hard rockin’ classics (”Brand New Day,” “Up on the Sun,” “Throw Me a Line”), hook-heavy powerpoppers (”I Want That Girl,” “Gone for Good”), a ... read more »

Like Her
Price: $12.00
Artist: The Volebeats
Description: This effort from 2005 (their seventh release) is an 11-track album of all originals that sticks to their cosmic alt-country sound. Includes a track co-written by Ryan Adams, who once called them “the best American band” joining them on stage during past tours It's full of twanging guitars, superb harmonies and reverb-dren ... read more »

Use Your Weapons
Price: $19.00
Artist: Valley Lodge
Description: ... read more »

There Must Be A Hole In Your Memory: A Tribute To The Sound & Adrian Borland
Price: $14.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: LIMITED EDITION PRESSING!!! The Sound were a British post-punk band fronted by Adrian Borland that evolved from his previous band, The Outsiders. Their career spanned 1978 to 1987. The Outsiders changed their name to The Sound after the departure of Bob Lawrence (bass) and Adrian Janes (drums), the new band commanded a new ... read more »

Dwight Twilley Band Tribute: Twilley Won't Mind
Price: $17.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: WOW!! Brand new, very cool tribute that gathers a host of bands/artists from around the world to pay tribute to one of the 70's finest power pop bands! "Twilley Won't Mind" focuses on songs from the DTB's "Sincerely" and "Twilley Don't Mind" albums. Features contributions from Michael Carpenter, Donovan's Brain feat: Bob ... read more »

International Pop Overthrow Vol. 17
Price: $18.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: Guess what time it is again kids??? Yep, it's time once again to set aside a day to discover 66 bands worth of new pop music spread out over 3CDs at a very cost effective price! And, since enquiring minds just gotta know, here's the complete track listing: Disc 1: The Bobbleheads "Turn The Radio On (The PERfect Song)", G ... read more »

For...The Recently Found Innocent
Price: $15.00
Artist: White Fence
Description: Tim Presley has been performing as White Fence for a few years now, building on a diverse resume that borders on the impossible. He played in hardcore punk band The Nerve Agents in the late '90s, leads the space-rock group Darker My Love, was a member of the garage outfit Strange Boys, and even found time to join The Fall. ... read more »